You’ve heard and seen hip-hop take many forms, but never before have you experienced anything like Boregard. Atlanta-native rapper and member of hip-hop collective Bassmint Fresh has a unique style, both in music and fashion. You can catch him rocking bright colors, patterns, and other vibrant pieces of clothing. This bright, bold fashion sense translates directly into his music. His music is fun, in-your-face, and honest. If you want to learn more about him and where his boisterous personality comes from, read our interview with him below:


How did Bassmint Fresh develop? How did you meet everyone involved?

Well Starpav and JTtheDreamer are my cousins through marriage and they’re the ones who started the group. When I started making music they gave me rides to and from their place and let me record free of charge and they helped me to develop. Cornelius and Adam went to highschool with them, and they were close friends of Star and JT’s. Eventually JT proposed the idea of adding them to the group and me and Star were with it. Me and JohnE. Page met after my second show at the Masquerade in ATL. He fucked with my set heavy and reached out to me over the gram, we exchanged info and then he sent me a few beats. I was rocking with them, but I was hella busy so I had no time to actually work on them. Then one day I had the worst hangover ever and I just randomly wrote like 4 verses to his beats. I recorded them rough on my iPhone and he came thru that weekend with a mic and everything. Cornelius came home to visit from college that weekend too, and even though he was already a member this was my first time officially meeting him. And like a story book we all just ended up clicking really well, like 3 strangers basically haha. All because of the music. After that day he called me and asked me on the phone what it took to be in BASSMINT, I asked the guys and they said we gotta do it by unanimous vote. I showed them the songs we made, and they instantly voted him in. Me and my bro Sid Worthy met through my childhood best-friend Sensei Bueno. We linked up on this song called lamentations, and I always asked him to come with me every time I performed so we could do it. We built some good stage chemistry from doing so many shows together. He is a big TDE fan, and he saw and liked what we were doing with Bassmint, and he just asked me pretty much every single question about us. After a few hours he was convinced, but we still had to vote him in. Of course, we couldn’t reach Cornelius the whole day so we couldn’t get the unanimous vote that day, and Sid probably didn’t really care too much, but then we sent Cornelius Sid’s first mixtape “Am I Worthy” and he went crazy. We took that as a yes. And that’s how Bassmint Fresh came to the point it’s at today as far as I know.

Where do you draw your style from, both musically and aesthetically?

Oooh that’s a good question haha, I’d say definitely Childish Gambino and Kid Cudi influenced a lot of the sounds I like. I am also somewhat of a product in my environment and I love “atlanataniggamusic” with the booming bass and everything. I also listened to a lot of Fabolous and Fela and both of them really helped me heighten my sense for deeper metaphors. Young Thug has influenced EVERY artist currently doing anything now whether they admit it or not lol. Aesthetically I also admire Cudi and Bino. Bino has a good sense of simplicity, and Scott (Cudi) knows how to dive straight into his own mind and literally present the images before us with his art. I am also very very aesthetically inspired by Dualism and I love the colors black and white, but I still wear my crazy bright colors. Black is just the color that I find myself consistently liking and coming back to though. Hiatus Kaiyote and Benny Jetts are also some of my favorite in terms of just aesthetics.


Where did the name Boregard come from?

It’s derived from my real name I guess, and I was obsessed with the french language growing up. I used to go by just Bo, and when I’d tell people to call me that they would just assume it was short for Beauregard. I peeped the meaning (it means good looking) and I just found it so fitting. I wanted to just be Beauregard but then my friend Justin recommended I change the spelling a bit to make it fit me more, so I just went with BoRegard, then BOREGARD. I think it’s sophisticated yet simple.

How do you feel about competition in the rap game? Are you a fan of beefs or should artists be lifting each other up? What about how Kendrick Lamar name dropping to raise the bar?

Life is competition. There will always be competition in everything you do. When you have something, someone else doesn’t have it, simple as that. I think as long as you are aware of that at the end of the day, everyone can lift each other up and thrive together. And I have no problem with rap beefs, but I don’t see myself really entertaining one personally. Music is self-expression and if you are feeling hatred for another human being and you decide to evoke it in a cathartic way rather than a violent one, then you are truly an artist. Never understood this whole “real rappers used to pull up on you, wet you up, etc” criticism. Like Rap is art, being a gangster does is not a prerequisite to making hip-hop music. The two are completely unrelated. As for the K-Dot name dropping, like I said earlier. Life is competition. Even in school, we have friends that we care about, but we are still all applying to the same jobs and hoping for the same results. If anything, K-Dot was just being honest. He wants to be the best rapper alive and wishes anyone who poses a threat to him would never rap again. Wouldn’t you want an untouchable legacy engraved in history too? Miles ahead of the second place competitor? He’s just being honest, and honesty should be in a lot of Artist’s music, especially if it’s about themselves or their feelings.


Where do you want your music to take you? Do you want fortune and fame or do you just want to be able to live off of your music? Or does it not matter to you

I really should think about this more, but my future is still so up in the air. Like I would definitely enjoy having fortune and fame, but at this point in my life I’m just so passionate about art that I don’t want to do anything else. Living off my music is cool, but I wouldn’t say it was my goal per se. I think my music and the music I’m capable of making SHOULD give me the fortune and fame regardless. That’s how every artist should treat their music. Make it the best that you can. Create and capture that value (shoutout to my Strategic Management Professor lol). I don’t know what it’s gonna become, but I know it’s more than a hobby. Before I die there will be a point in time where rapping is my ONLY full-time job. I know I need at least a few years to really just not try to do anything else and just make art without distractions.

Who do you think is the most influential PERSON of our generation?

I think you have to say Kanye lol. Like I hate to sound like everybody else, but then again that just speaks volumes about how far his influence has reached. I think It’s only a matter of time before he starts getting put in children’s history books. So many of my favorite rappers today drew inspiration from him, and he is one of my favorite rappers as well. Also, in terms of fashion, he was the first heterosexual male I saw in the hip-hop community (which you know is traditionally masculine) just NOT care about how people perceive him. Without Kanye there would be no Childish Gambino, no Kid Cudi. Not saying these guys wouldn’t exist, but they wouldn’t be the way they are today if they weren’t inspired listening to College Dropout.


David Bara

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